Frequently asked questions about shrink tubing

What is heat shrink tubing made off?

Heat shrink tubing are made of plastics. Which type of plastic depends on the temperature range that the shrinktube must be able to withstand.
We work primarily with Polyolefin (PELD), but we also have shrinktube in Kynar, Mylar, Viton, Teflon, Silicone, Elastomer, etc.

Can you get heat shrinkable tubing in other sizes and colors than those shown on the website?

Yes, we can make exactly the size/color that suits your needs.
Of course, there is a minimum order, depending on the dimension needed.

Can you get heat shrink tubing with adhesive?

Yes, we also make shrinkable tubing with adhesive among other things in the material polyolefin.
Shrinkable tubing with adhesive in the thin wall, medium wall and thick wall heat shrink tubing.

What should I use to heat the shrinktube so that it will shrink properly?

You will need a suitable heat source when you need to heat the shrinkable tubing in eg. polyolefin.
A lighter will work, but the best result is with a heat gun. If you are in any doubt, you are always welcome to contact KACAB.

How does heat shrink tubing work?

In short, one can divide the production of shrink flex in, for example, polyolefin in:
1) First a tube is produced. The size of the tube is the size that the shrinkage can later shrink down to, for example, 4.8 mm.
2) Then the tube cross-linked
3) Then expanded to the size that becomes the finished product for example 9.5 mm.

The tube has now become “shrinkable” and ready for use.
When heated on the tube will go back to its original size as it had from the beginning ie step 1.

Can KACAB cut the shrinkable tubing fore me?

Yes, we have machines that can cut the heat shrink tubing in just the lengths needed, and even with very small tolerances.
We offer to cut the heat shrink tubing in all dimensions, and also in adhesive lined and non-adhesive lined

Can you print logo and other things on the shrinkable tubing?

Yes, we can print your logo on the heat shrink tube, or we can print a text that you choose. KACAB offers computer printing.

How do I best cut the heat shrink tubing if I want to cut it myself?

You can cut the heat shrink tubing yourself, on a suitable machine, or manual with a scissors or knife.
Remember that it is important that the cut is made with a sharp scissor or knife. This ensures that the heat shrink tubing does not “crack” or “break”.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call KACAB.

Can KACAB supply us as a private label customer?

Yes, KACAB supplies as a many companies private label in many different industries.
Call us and we will find a solution that suits your needs.

I need Endcaps, does KACAB have that?

Yes, KACAB also offers End caps in, for example, the material polyolefin.
Our program goes from the smallest of 6mm and up to the largest 500mm.

How big/small can you get shrinkable tubing?

KACAB is able to supply dimensions from 1 mm and up to 1500 mm shrinkable tubing.
If we do not have the size that fits your project, call us, and we will certainly find the size.

What does shrink ratio mean?

Shrink ratio 2:1 means that the heat shrinkable tubing shrinks 2:1 in proportion.
For example, 16.0 mm shrink down to 8.0 mm (shrink ratio 2:1)

How many shrink ratios are there?

As a standard, KACAB has shrink ratio 2:1, 3:1 and 4:1.
We also offer shrink ratio 6:1.

What is the smallest order?

The minimum order is full spools, or lengths.
Precise quantities, you will find under the product descriptions.

Can the heat shrink tubing withstand sunlight?

The brighter the color is, the weaker the shrinkable tubing is against direct sunlight.
Black color is added to protection against sunlight degradation.
KACAB can also supply very special UV-resistant colors.
Call for more info.

Does the heat shrink tubing also shrink in the length?

Yes, it can shrink a bit in length..
It is always a good idea to do a small test on
for example 10 cm, then you will easily find out how much it exactly shrinks in the length.
It varies from product to product, and from batch to batch.

Anything you want to ask?

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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