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KACAB was thus founded in 1993 in Gothenburg, Sweden and we have specialized in the sale of heat shrink tubing and have solid knowledge and a large stock. We are today one of Sweden’s most complete companies in the industry. We offer the market’s widest and best product range of shrink tubing, molded goods, protective tubing and also cable ties.
Through close cooperation with our producing partners, our product development is constantly adapted to the demands of the industry. With the help of the latest technology from our suppliers in the planning and production stages (R&D), the time to adapt our products to a ready-to-assemble product is minimized. We have a large stock of shrink tubing in Sweden, contact us.

Large warehouse in Sweden

KACAB’s large stock of shrink tubing in Sweden is available in a large amount of materials that are developed to operate in temperatures between -75°C and + 260°C at a constant working temperature. The tubings can be thin, medium or thick-walled and are delivered with or without adhesive inside. All standard heat shrink tubing is flame retardant or self-extinguishing. They have a shrinkage capacity from 2: 1 and up to 6: 1 and can be delivered in a variety of colors and sizes (0.6 mm – 1500 mm).

Our tubing vary from economical, to high-tech, and are approved according to UL224 / CSA and specified with a variety of MIL standards. Product quality is our key word. All our products meet or exceed all approvals / environmental requirements such as RoHS and REACH, and where applicable, UL, Mil, ASTM, VDE and Cenelec HD623 (for “LV joints kits”). Contact KACAB we have a large stock of shrink tubing.

What is Heat Shrink in Sweden?
Shrink tubing is a special type of plastic tube whose diameter shrinks when heated. Shrink tubing is used to insulate wires and protect them from abrasion. The application of heat is done with a heat gun. There is shrink tubing with or without glue, where the glue in addition to attaching to the cable sheath and conductor also seals extra. The shrink tubing is divided into shrinkage conditions, ie how much the diameter of the hose can shrink to a maximum when heat is applied. The most common ratios are between 2:1 to 6:1. However, the larger the shrink ratio a heat shrink tube has, the larger the unevenly shaped application it can be shaped around.
Finally, the wall thickness and diameter change when shrinking a shrink tube.

Large stock of shrink tubing in Sweden!

KACAB Teknik AB has an ever-growing range of quality products at good prices!
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    KACAB has an ever-growing range
    of quality products at good prices!

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